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Stormpath is the fastest way to add complete user management to your application: login, user profiles, groups and roles, permissions, and password security - ready in minutes.

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Never Build Another User Table

Stormpath’s User Management API helps you launch new applications fast. Secure authentication, authorization, and user data models are built in. Enable password reset workflows with one click. Leave the user tables to us, and get back to building what matters. Read More

The Stormpath Java API made it super easy to
integrate with Stormpath."

- James Ward, Typesafe

Elegant API With Easy SDKs

Stormpath’s REST+JSON API is highly-available, straightforward and well-documented. Connect to our REST API using any programming language. Stable SDKs, samples and integrations make it easy to manage users in Java, Python, Ruby, PHP and more. Read More

Groups and Roles - Never Been Easier

Stormpath supports both Groups and Roles and can be customized for any authorization model. Quickly set up groups in our console, or grant permissions to individual users using a customData block. Read More

Powerful Multi-Tenant Support

User management in SaaS applications can be difficult and time-consuming – Stormpath allows you to easily segment your customer organizations and model custom or global access control. Save your team the time of building and maintaining custom user management. Read More

Security is Our Top Priority

Stormpath was built by a team of security experts using security best practices – from high-entropy password security using industry standard hashing algorithms with large, randomly generated salts, to system-level threat monitoring. Securing your user data is our first and most important responsibility. Read More

Use Active Directory & LDAP from the Cloud

Stormpath’s Active Directory and LDAP Agents can be deployed on any existing Active Directory or LDAP server and mirror your selected data to Stormpath. Connect new webapps to existing user stores – without breaking firewall security policies. Quick to install and configure, Stormpath integrates easily with your customers’ Active Directory and LDAP as well. Read More

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