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Since 2011, Stormpath has provided the leading user management and authentication service for development teams. Our API offers reliable user infrastructure that won’t take weeks to deploy.

From custom user data, to complex authorization schemes, multi-tenant SaaS support and Single-Sign On, Stormpath is flexible and robust. Unlike traditional IAM, identity brokers, or open source frameworks, Stormpath offers a complete user backend for any application.

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Powerful User Infrastructure for Teams Like Yours

Stormpath helps thousands of companies secure and manage user data, authentication, authorization and more. Get started.

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Alex Salazar, Co-Founder & CEO

Before starting Stormpath, Alex was a senior sales executive at IBM where he managed $30M+ accounts at ESPN, Viacom, Bloomberg, NBC/Universal, and Government. Prior to IBM, Alex was an enterprise software developer. He has a BS in Computer Science from Georgia Tech and an MBA from Stanford.

Les Hazlewood, Co-Founder & CTO

Les is the PMC Chair for the Apache Shiro java security framework, and a leading expert in application and API security. Prior to forming Stormpath, he held senior architectural positions at Bloomberg and Delta Airlines. Actively involved in Open Source for more than 10 years on projects like the Spring Framework, JBoss, and Apache Shiro. Les has a BS in Computer Science from Georgia Tech.

Claire Hunsaker, VP of Marketing and Business Development

An experienced startup Marketing and Sales leader, Claire has an MBA from Stanford, BA from Columbia, and is an award-winning writer and speaker. Prior to Stormpath, she led Marketing, Sales and Product teams at LiveOps and Samasource, and was a strategy consultant at Katzenbach Partners.



New Enterprise Associates

New Enterprise Associates is a global venture capital firm with more than $13 billion in committed capital. Across stages and geographies, NEA helps build transformational businesses in IT and healthcare, including Tableau, Box, MongoDB, CloudFlare, and NingX. Investor: Pete Sonsini


Flybridge Venture Capital

With $560 million under management, Flybridge invests in early stage technology companies, including MongoDB and Firebase, and is led by a team with domain expertise and more than half a century of combined experience in venture capital. Investor: Chip Hazard


Pelion Venture Partners

Since 1986, Pelion Venture Partners has been helping entrepreneurs turn early-stage concepts into tomorrow’s industry-leading companies, including investments in Cloudflare and Investor: Chris Cooper

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