2016 was an awesome year for the team here at Stormpath! We hit the ground running in January and rapidly scaled both our internal staff and resources, as well as our service offerings around authentication and user management. None of this could have happened without the invaluable support, input, and feedback from our customers and partners. Here’s what we accomplished together:

  • Account Linking: This feature allows users to log into the same account via multiple methods without any extra development.
  • API Call Tracker: See how many API calls your applications are making to Stormpath at a glance in the Admin Console!
  • Custom Data Search: A customized search function for accounts based on the attributes you define.
  • Custom SMTP: Configure Stormpath to use an SMTP server of your choosing for added control over email workflows.
  • EU Enterprise Cloud: European-based applications can now keep their user data entirely within the EU, thanks to our EU region in Frankfurt, Germany.
  • JWT Inspector: The inspector is a developer tool that helps you debug JWTs directly in your browser, so you never have to leave the site you’re working on again.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication: MFA adds additional security to your application to prevent unauthorized account access.
  • Organizations: This new resource provides even easier support for multi-tenancy.
  • SAML: Stormpath-backed apps can act as SAML service providers that work with SAML services like OneLogin, Okta, Salesforce or any other SAML IdP, including home-grown and open source options.

SDKs, Integrations, and Framework Support







  • Improvements to Flask-Stormpath (And stay tuned for a huge release in 2017!)

We can’t wait to see what the next year brings!