Welcome to the new Apache Shiro Stormpath integration! This new release features a servlet plugin, plus deeper support for Spring and Spring Boot. Until now, we have only had a basic Apache Shiro realm for Stormpath. While sufficient, this basic realm never granted access to the full suite of Stormpath services. Today, that changed!
Shiro + Stormpath

Servlet Plugin

You can still use the Stormpath realm the same way you are using it today, but if you switch to the new servlet plugin you also get all of the great features you have come to expect from Stormpath, along with the benefit of having the Shiro realm created and configured for you automatically. Just drop in the dependency:

When migrating to the servlet plugin there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You can remove the Shiro configuration in your web.xml
  • You have the option of making Shiro stateless
  • Logouts are now a POST request
  • I’ve taken the one of the original Stormpath + Apache Shiro examples and updated it to use the stormpath-shiro-servlet-plugin as a migration guide.

    Stormpath Loves Spring

    I have created Spring Boot starters for web and non web applications, as well as examples to help get you started.

    All you need to do is drop in the correct dependency:

    These work in conjunction with the existing Stormpath Spring modules, if you are already familiar with them, you will have no problem getting started.

    What Else?

    As if Servlet and Spring Boot Starters weren’t exciting enough, this Shiro release include a TON of other new features, like:

  • Single sign on: Support for Stormpath’s SSO service ID Site can be enabled with a single property
  • Built in login page: One less thing to worry about
  • Social login: Login and registration support for popular social providers like Google, Facebook, Linkedin, and Github
  • User registration and forget password workflows: Out of the box user management
  • Drop in servlet plugin: Just add the dependency, and forget about messing with your web.xml
  • Spring Boot starters: Both web and non-web applications work in conjunction with the Stormpath Spring Boot starters
  • Token authentication: Stateless and signed JWTs
  • New simple examples to help you get started integrating with your servlet based, Spring Boot, or standalone application
  • Better documentation
  • Giving Back to Apache Shiro

    Stormpath is committed to improving Apache Shiro, that is the big reason why I joined Stormpath in the first place. Over the next few weeks I will be delivering on a few of our more exciting promises, including: a Servlet 3.x support, improved Spring and Spring Boot support, and Guice 4.x support.

    Learn More

    To learn more about Apache Shiro, subscribe to the mailing lists, or check out the documentation. Ready to give Shiro or Stormpath a try? These awesome tutorials will get you started:

  • Hazelcast Support in Apache Shiro
  • Tutorial: Apache Shiro EventBus
  • A Simple WebApp with Spring Boot, Spring Security, & Stormpath — in 15 Minutes
  • Secure Connected Microservices in Spring Boot with OAuth and JWTs
  • Secure Your Spring Boot WebApp with Apache and SSL in 20 Minutes