Stormpath is pleased to announce a formal integration with Apache Shiro, a leading Java security framework with over 200,000 downloads.

This integration allows an Apache Shiro-enabled application to use the Stormpath cloud Identity Management service for all authentication and access control needs. Shiro has been growing exponentially in 2012 and we are excited to provide a useful plugin – for free!

Screen Shot 2012-08-16 at 9.20.51 AM

Pairing Shiro with Stormpath gives you a complete application security system with immediate user account support, authentication, account registration and password reset workflows, password security and more – with little to no coding on your part to deploy user security and management.

The combination of Shiro and Stormpath not only provides easy and extremely secure user and identity management; you also have fantastic control over your user experience and ownership of your data.

If you’re a Shiro user or a java developer, we’ve created some helpful samples and SDKs to get you started:  

Apache Shiro support for Stormpath:

A sample web application showing Apache Shiro and Stormpath in action:

Stormpath Java SDK:

Stormpath Spring Examples (great if you have not yet implemented a security framework like Apache Shiro or Spring Security)

Need help getting started? You can find us on the chat button below or click here to connect to the Stormpath IRC-channel.