Update June 2014: Stormpath now secures authentication to your API- without code!

If you’re building a Node API client, the design of your client can make or break adoption.

Our CTO Les Hazlewood recently built the Stormpath Node SDK and put what he learned into this presentation on Building A Node.js Client for REST+JSON APIs. We get a ton of questions on how we design SDKs at Stormpath, so we put the video on Youtube.

In the video, Les covers:

  • Collection & Instance Resources
  • Public / Private API
  • Proxy Design
  • Component Architecture
  • Queries
  • Authentication – Digest Algorithm vs HTTP Basic
  • Pluggability

If you want to explore our Node client further, here’s the getting started code from the presentation:

We’ll also be posting full writeup blogs soon – Stay tuned!

Update: Here are some of our top posts about Node.js:

Thanks to the BayNode Meetup for hosting this talk.