The team over at Unicon recently released an CAS AddOns Project, which handily includes integration with Stormpath as a primary authentication source for CAS servers. We have had a ton of requests from the Higher Ed IT community and our friends in DevOps for a Stormpath CAS integration. Its fantastic to see a solution rise
out of the community, while we are working away on the core product and hiring like crazy

How it works:

Stormpath integration is included in CAS AddOns, a Maven-compativle dependency you add to your CAS server. This allows CAS to use Stormpath as a primary authentication source using a Stormpath authentication handler.  CAS AddOns also makes it easy to integrate with a number of useful extensions in addition to Stormpath; JSON and MongoDB service registry is now supported, as the JSON Person Attribute DAO. All in all, its a cool package and very easy to implement on your CAS server

Below is the slidecast of Unicon’s update, which includes roadmap and release updates for the broader CAS community, as well as an overview of the AddOns Project. You can also read the blogpost.

Finally, we want to say thanks to the Misagh, Dmitriy, Andrew and Bill from all the Stormtroopers.

Stormtrooper Love