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Long Live the Add-On: Stormpath Launches on Heroku

We’re thrilled to announce Stormpath is available in Public Beta in the Heroku Add-on Marketplace! Heroku Add-ons allow developers to focus on building great applications, without wrestling with application infrastructure. Our goal: make it really easy to deploy advanced user management in a Ruby or Rails app.

Advanced User Management for Ruby, Rails and Sinatra

The MegaGem!! OK. Its not really called the MegaGem, but it should be. The Stormpath Ruby SDK combines the good stuff you like in Devise and CanCan, sprinkles in LDAP integration, and hosts everything securely in the cloud so you don’t have to maintain it. The new release also has advanced performance features, and it …

Stormpath in Wired: The Rise of Shadow IT

Our co-founder and CEO, Alex Salazar, was recently featured in Wired Magazine talking about Shadow IT. “Good or bad, the “enterprise” is no longer the customer for many B2B technology companies. For infrastructure technology like compute and storage to SMS messaging to application monitoring, the developer has become the primary customer.”

Best. Docs. Ever. 6 Tips to Writing Documentation

“Ink is better than the best memory.” –Chinese Proverb Documenting your software can be incredibly taxing. How much documentation is enough? How should it be organized? Where do you put it? The only thing worse than no docs is an overflow of the stuff. Users need to know how to interact with your code without …

Stormpath + Apache Shiro = Love

Apache Shiro is the biggest and fastest growing security framework for Java. From the smallest mobile applications to the largest web and enterprise applications, Shiro powers all kinds of JVM-based applications. Organizations large and small rely on Apache Shiro for complete application security–from cutting edge startups MuleSoft and Sonatype to Fortune 100s like NYSE and …

Stormpath Named Hot Security Startup to Watch!

Network World senior editor Ellen Messmer just released a lineup of ten security startups to watch. Guess who made the cut?

Easy User Login for AWS Applications

Stormpath Joins the AWS Marketplace and Partner Network Bring it to the People! Stormpath recently launched on the AWS Marketplace and Partner Network, bringing us closer to thousands of developers who, like us, are building awesome applications using Amazon Web Services. Every web and mobile application needs to manage users, but authentication and access control …

2013 Social Login Best Practices

One of the alarming things we hear is that social integration is an easy way to deploy basic user management, on a service that will maintain all the security and hosting (in theory). There are some good reasons to connect with Facebook, but ease of deployment is not one of them. Social login is a …

Stormpath Community Roundup – Tasty Biscuits Edition

Today is National Buttermilk Biscuit Day. Biscuits fill me with joy, as do community integrations, so here’s a post packed with deliciousness from the amazing people in the Stormpath community. (First, here’s an awesome biscuit recipe. Happy Biscuit Day!) CAS-Addons, now with Richer Stormpath Support Python Login Skeleton for Stormpath

5 Myths of Password Security

High profile database breaches aren’t a daily thing just yet, but they’re certainly not rare. Linode’s recent system-wide password reset and Scribd’s account compromises were announced just nine days apart. In the last week, there have been breaches at LivingSocial and Pay attention to the e-mails sent after hacks like these, and you’ll notice …