Update June 2014: Stormpath now secures authentication to your API—without code! Contact our sales team for more information!

Les recently gave a talk on “Designing a Beautiful REST + JSON API” at the San Francisco Java Users Group, which covers 18 months of his research into API design. This video on API design, includes a lengthy Q&A. The slides from the talk (below) contain code examples and references. For an example of these principles in action, check out our Product Documentation.

Interested in learning more about Ion? Review the draft specification.

The video includes API design best practices, including: 
  • REST + JSON API design
  • Base URL design tips
  • API security
  • Versioning for APIs
  • API resource formatting
  • API return values and content negotiation
  • API  references (linking)
  • API pagination, parameters, associations, and call errors
  • Method overloading, resource expansion, and partial responses
  • Caching and etags
  • Multi-tenancy
  • API versioning and maintenance
  • Bob
    • Lindsay Brunner

      Thanks Bob! I’ve updated our update to reflect the changes to our product pages! Whew! 😉

  • Hi David,

    1) Ion Is not related to Amazon Ion at all. The first I heard of Amazon Ion was when you posted this question 🙂

    2) Some employees from Apiary and Apigee were pretty instrumental earlier on and we’ve had various comments from Microsoft and some others. We don’t keep track of companies as much as we do individual contributors that participate in the GitHub Issues threads. That said, we’re always looking for more help if anyone wants to be a contributing member.

    3) We really hope to have something this quarter that we can go to the IETF with to start the RFC process.

    I hope that helps!

  • Lindsay Brunner

    Thanks for the housekeeping notes David! This piece was in desperate need of a cleanup, so I gave it some attention this morning. Cheers!