Les recently gave a talk on “Designing a Beautiful REST + JSON API” at the San Francisco Java Users Group, which covers 18 months of his research into API design. This video on API design, includes a lengthy Q&A. The slides from the talk (below) contain code examples and references. For an example of these principles in action, check out our API documentation.

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The video includes API design best practices, including: 
  • REST + JSON API Design
  • Base URL design tips
  • API Security
  • Versioning for APIs
  • API Resource Formatting
  • API Return Values and Content Negotiation
  • API  References (Linking)
  • API Pagination, Parameters, Associations and Call  Errors
  • Method Overloading, Resource Expansion and Partial Responses
  • Caching & Etags
  • Multi Tenancy
  • API Versioning and Maintenance

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