Stormpath launches on Rackspace Cloud Tools Marketplace

We’re proud to launch Stormpath on the Rackspace Cloud Tools Marketplace.

Rackspace is already well known for high-performance hosting. Thousands of developers rely on their tools to simplify software delivery. “You’ve got code to write. Let us manage the rest” is an outlook we agree with.

Stormpath strives to make it quick and easy to launch your app with a complete user backend. This launch gives the legion of Rackspace customers easy access to Stormpath user management so they can do just that.

To better support Rackspace customers in hybrid and private cloud environments, we also offer an on-premise edition of Stormpath, currently in beta.

A big upgrade to the Stormpath Python SDK is also on deck. Check out the sample apps, SDK update, and a shiny new Django integration.

Python beta testers give this SDK high marks; it’s now even easier to integrate Stormpath into your next Python app. Our SDKs, as always, remain free, open source and here.

We love your feedback and feature requests, and as always, are here to help. [email protected]