A true Renaissance man, Pedro Baumann wears a number of professional hats: Web Developer, Linux SysAdmin, practicing Psychotherapist. But in his free time, the full stack developer plays in Flask.

“As a Flask developer, I’m always testing new technologies,” Pedro explained. “When I found out about Stormpath, I thought it was a great idea. In my personal projects, I had used OpenID login services, Facebook services, and sometimes built the user:passwords database myself, but I did not like it! I am not a security expert, nor a database guru, so Stormpath is the solution to offering a reliable user management system to our customers.“

Pedro tested Stormpath for a webapp to manage patients in his practice, and was impressed with the results. “I even skipped using a database at all and just added all the info I needed to the customData functionality Stormpath offers,” he said.

Getting Hitched in the 21st Century

Wedding App Login

First comes love, then comes a custom wedding app.

Pedro and his bride wanted guests to be able to log into a private, richly featured wedding app with Facebook, or just create an account. The app cannot be authorized to login with Google, since Stormpath only handles one redirect URI for added security. “I used Stormpath social login to make my job programming the Facebook logins easier, allowing users to create a new account and saving some basic information about the guests,” he said.

Once logged in, guests can read about and RSVP to the wedding, comment on and discuss subjects opened by the bride and groom, and suggest songs they want to hear at the reception. Guests can even leave a nice message on a special wall that will then be printed as a poster for the newlyweds.

Wedding App Login

The bride, groom, and “admins” can edit the comments, see what songs their guests are suggesting (ordered for them by genre), and open new discussion subjects. Pedro said that the app is fully responsive and will change its display and layout according to the date and how close it is to the wedding, always showing the most relevant sections first.

The app was built with a fairly lightweight stack:

Linode with Ubuntu 12.04

Nginx as a reverse proxy for uWSGI

Circus as a service manager for my Flask uWSGI apps

Flask app with standard libraries + Flask-Stormpath and Pony ORM

All and all, Pedro reports that Stormpath has saved him stress and made the app more secure for the most important people in his life.

Wedding App Login

“It lets me focus on spending my time building new functionalities for the app, while not worrying at all about how secure my friends and family credentials are!”

While Pedro has a lot on his plate, he plans to extend the app to allow other brides and grooms to manage their own guest user management. Stormpath’s multi-tenant architecture makes it easy to extend an app into a service. The wedding service will be available in 2015.

If you’re building a Flask app and need to complete user management and secure authentication in minutes, not hours, check out our Flask resources:
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Please join us in wishing Pedro and Lucia – who were married in December and just returned from their honeymoon – Felicidades! And check out more of the charming design mocks for their wedding app:

Wedding App Login

Wedding App Login