I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about how to connect Apache Shiro developers to eachother and the many cool projects going on in the Shiro ecosphere. Digging around, I was shocked (yes, shocked!) and delighted by some of the awesome Shiro projects active on github. Here’s a little round up of projects active in the last six months. Please comment in anything I have missed! Yee haw! Grails Integration from @pledbrook

Very up-to-date Grails/Shiro Integration, including Grails 2.0 and Shiro 1.2. Adds easy authentication and access control to Grails applications. Play/Shiro Integration Example from @will_sargent

  • Git Repo: github.com/wsargent/play-shiro

A very simple integration between Apache Shiro and Play 2.0. If you want to play with Play, this project could use an update handling statelessness since the Shiro 1.2 release. Spring MVC + Shiro + myBatis + JSR-303 Validation from “Bubba” @RobHines

  • Git Repo: github.com/bubba-h57/H57_Shiro
  • Handy blog post with some tutorials in development

We know Bubba would love some help with the tutorials and sample code, to help others get started with Spring+Shiro, so jump in! Shiro on Google App Engine from @cilogi

Demo of one way to integrate Shiro with App Engine and Google Guice, plus front-end user registration and password management. OAuth for Shiro from @JimmiDyson

  • Git Repo: github.com/FeedTheCoffers/shiro-oauth

Source code for an OAuth module for Apache Shiro based on Scribe Lift Integration for Apache Shiro from @timperrett

  • Git Repo: github.com/timperrett/lift-shiro
  • Handy blog post: http://timperrett.com/2011/08/23/using-apache-shiro-with-lift/

Integration between Shiro and the Lift Web framework. Uses Lift’s sitemap Locs instead of Shiro’s built in web.xml resource filters to control access to URLs. 55 Minutes Wicket from Matt Bricston at 55 Minutes

A nifty set of tools and libraries for enhancing productivity with the Apache Wicket Java web framework, including Shiro Integration.


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