My name is Lee Brandt and today I joined Stormpath as a Developer Evangelist! I’m fulfilling a lifelong dream of helping the masses with .NET development. I feel incredibly blessed that this talented bunch of software developers allowed me to join them, and I look forward to learning a ton from them!

So… Who Are YOU??

I’m a .NET junkie who’s been writing code professionally for about twenty years—and about fifteen years unprofessionally before that (though some might say I still write code unprofessionally).

My first programs (when I was about 10 or 11) were written in Basic for Apple IIe, but shortly after that I discovered music and my formative programming years were put on hold in favor of playing loud music in garages and dreaming of being a rockstar.

And… What Have You Done?

I was lucky enough to be in an R&D group in 1999, when the first alphas of .NET started hitting the streets. It was my job to “play with and learn” .NET and figure out what this “C# thing” was, and determine for my company if it would take over for Visual Basic. Because of this, I became a bit of an expert. I live in the Kansas City metro area, and still love playing drums with my friends in the garage, learning everything I can about code, and traveling around the world showing folks what I’ve learned, and hopefully saving them some time. In other words: I chase it down, so you don’t have to.

Lately, I’ve been building web applications using ASP.NET Web API and Angular2. Evidently, I am a rarity, in that I write lots of web applications, but I don’t have a neckbeard, and I don’t hate Microsoft. On the contrary, I think Microsoft is an excellent platform for writing robust applications easily. I am also a Microsoft MVP for .NET and an ASP.NET Insider, which means I that they give me the inside scoop about new features and the direction of Microsoft products. I started a conference in Kansas City called The Kansas City Developer Conference (KCDC). This year was our eighth year and we’ve grown from 100 in 2008, to 1600 attendees in 2016!

Why Are You Here?

I’m excited to step into this role as the .NET community’s connection to Stormpath, to contribute to Stormpath’s already robust .NET SDK and integrations, and to be a voice for the .NET community internally as our product develops. I want developers, when they have a problems with security or user authentication to be able to say, “I KNOW a guy at Stormpath! Let’s email him!” I look forward to becoming “Your Guy at Stormpath!”

Already have some feedback for the Stormpath team? Feel free to reach out at [email protected] or @leebrandt and let me know! Stay tuned to the .NET SDK repo for plenty of code to come.