At Stormpath, we really love our Python users. Over the past year we’ve made:

In short, we’ve been working hard to not only improve our Python user experience, but also improve the overall quality and feel of our libraries and integrations.

Many the suggestions for improvements and bug fixes – as well as solutions – come from our community.

Recent Stormpath-Python Changes

In the past several Python / Flask / Django releases we’ve tremendously improved the speed at which our libraries work, reduced the number of lurking bugs, and improved error handling in a number of ways:

  • Improving stability (handling API edge cases and unexpected behaviors).
  • Fixing bugs (huge shout out to our awesome users who filed issues on our Github repos — you are the greatest)!
  • Improving performance (refactoring caching, and fixing funky cache invalidation issues).
  • And even improving extensibility — adding more options for developers, exposing more functionality, and adding lots of convenience methods to help you write your code faster.

If you aren’t using the latest versions of our Python libraries, now would be a good time to upgrade!

If you’d like to see our specific improvements, you can check out our:

And if you have any suggestions, be sure to create an issue on the relevant Github repo!

Python Plans for This Year

In terms of what you can expect in the near future, here’s what you’ll be seeing soon:

  • Integration with more than just Google and Facebook. We’re adding LinkedIn
    and GitHub support as well.
  • Greatly improved API Authentication support. You’ll be able to work with multiple types of OAuth2 grants, handle custom scopes, and easily work with single-page apps!
  • Lots more speed and caching improvements.
  • Better support for single sign on and hosted login, courtesy of our ID site service.
  • Improved authorization assertions. Expect to see a fully featured assertion framework.

Looking forward to helping you build more apps faster, and more securely this year.

If you’re not already using Stormpath to secure your user data, now would be a great time to get started!