It’s day two of KCDC! There were plenty of great talks to absorb in Day 1, and everyone spent the evening eating some delicious BBQ (I hope). There are plenty of talks lined up for day 2, so let’s dive in! (And if you missed my first day wrap-up, start here: KCDC 2016, Day 1.)

Angular 2 and TypeScript

Spencer Schneidenbach kicked the day off with an info-packed session about getting started with Angular 2. He gave a crash course in TypeScript, the Microsoft-built superset of JavaScript that adds type safety, async/await, and all kinds of other goodness that many developers will find exciting. Then, he talked about everything that’s been removed and simplified in Angular 2 (goodbye, factories/providers/services!) and what the new syntax looks like.

As a fan of Angular 1, I was skeptical of Angular 2 at first (everything looked so weird in the early releases). Seeing the final version of the syntax, plus the power of TypeScript, has convinced me that Angular 2 is going to be a strong contender for the second round of the “SPA War.” I’m looking forward to diving in and trying it out.

Token Authentication in ASP.NET Core

I was excited to have the opportunity to talk about token authentication in ASP.NET Core, which I’ve written about here on the blog. Over a hundred people turned up, which was easily the largest crowd I’ve ever spoken to. Not so good for the pre-talk nerves, but everything went smoothly and it was a great learning experience.

I’ve posted the slides online for anyone who’s interested!

Saying Goodbye to KCDC 2016

It’s been another great year at KCDC! I love the diversity of engineering represented here in the Midwest. There’s plenty of .NET and JavaScript, but also Java, PHP, Python, R, and just a few people who agree with me that C# is one of the best backend languages for modern APIs. 🙂

I’m looking forward to next year! Before I leave, I’ll be grabbing one last delicious meal to hold off the Kansas City BBQ withdrawal. Until next time, KC! <3

  • Nate