StormHack: Hack all the things!Last week was AWESOME at Stormpath.

OK, I’ll admit it, every week is awesome at Stormpath. BUT. Last week was awesome-er because last week was StormHack 0x01!

What is StormHack?

StormHack is a place where dreams come to fruition and awesome concepts come to life! No, seriously, StormHack is our internal company hackathon, and it’s pretty rad.

Hackathons come in a variety of forms, from free-wheeling build-anything adventures to focused efforts aimed at attacking tech debt. This StormHack landed somewhere in the middle as we rallied around a core goal (or, as I called it, our macro-hack): All project proposals had to nudge the needle for Stormpath in some way. Some proposals were upgrades to existing offerings, while others were pie-in-the-sky concepts that had been back of mind for ages.

By the end of the week, our ten teams had built some amazing new tools and upgrades that we’ll be talking more about over the coming days and weeks. You can also look forward to a blog post from our emcee, Python developer evangelist Randall Degges, that will detail how we planned for this event, what worked well, and tips for running your own internal hackathon!  Today, I’d like to show off what I think was the awesome-est part of StormHack: The people who made it happen!