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Apache Shiro is the biggest and fastest growing security framework for Java. From the smallest mobile applications to the largest web and enterprise applications, Shiro powers all kinds of JVM-based applications. Organizations large and small rely on Apache Shiro for complete application security–from cutting edge startups MuleSoft and Sonatype to Fortune 100s like NYSE and Bank of America.
Shiro offers developers the power and ease of use they need to implement reliable authentication,
authorization, cryptography, and session management.

Stormpath was founded by Apache Shiro’s primary contributor and PMC Chair with the goal of extending Shiro’s value by providing a user management and authentication service for developers. Easy and secure, Stormpath accelerates application development on any platform, and can manage millions of users with a scalable pricing model that is ideal for projects of any size.  Stormpath helps developers bring new applications to market faster, reduce development and operations costs, and protect their users with best-in-class security. 

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The Stormpath plugin for Apache Shiro allows a Shiro-enabled application to use the Stormpath User Management & Authentication service for all authentication and access control needs.

Pairing Apache Shiro with Stormpath gives you a full application security system complete with immediate user account support, authentication, account registration and password reset workflows, password security and more – with no database work and little to no coding on your part.  You also get an out-of-box user interface for user and group administration.  And by using Stormpath with Apache Shiro, you don’t have to build or maintain any of the back-end systems that Shiro needs to operate.  Further, you can make changes to your users, groups, and security workflows instantly without having to shutdown and reconfigure your application.

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