Last week, amid the hoopla of our fundraising announcement, we ended Private Beta and released major enhancements to the API. Many of these came from user feedback.**

In the coming months, we will be building out the SDKs and sample apps to make it easier to connect to the Stormpath API. Of course, there are many features left to build, so anyone can now submit a feature request on our knowledge base or add stories to a request.

Here’s a sample of what was in last week’s release:

Application-Specific Endpoints

To make it easier on developers running only one application in Stormpath, we now offer Application-specific endpoints. This provides access to accounts and groups from your application’s perspective as opposed to your whole tenant’s, and will make deploying on a PaaS like Heroku a piece of cake.

You can now search for most resources in our system via a robust query API, e.g. search for an account by name.

Retrieve a resource with its linked (referenced) resources in one API call, e.g. get an account and its groups.


Collection results are now paginated with easier control. We’ve also made a number of additional performance upgrades.

Mix It Up

You can perform a search while expanding resources and paginating results all in a single API call.  Get the data you want faster with fewer requests.

Bigger, Better Documentation

We also overhauled and expanded all Stormpath docs, including a complete product guide for our API and  new language-specific docs for JavaPHP, and Ruby.

Support Base

During Beta, we were asked hundreds of great questions by users all over the world. Many impacted this release, and the rest formed the basis for our new Knowledge Base. This is your first stop in getting help with Stormpath, and you can also find us during business hours in the live chat tab on the website.

**P.S. If you are a Beta user and you do not own a Stormpath t-shirt, email me and we will fix this! We would not be here without you, and I have goody bags.