Stormpath supports PHP with a new SDK - woohoo!

It was hard to miss, the clamor of PHP developers who really don’t want to build authorization. We have had tons of requests for PHP support from Stormpath beta users. Issues with home-grown Authentication in PHP are all over Stack Overflow. 

You ask, we deliver. 

Today, Stormpath announces support for PHP, in the form of a PHP SDK. The Stormpath PHP SDK allows any PHP-based application to easily use the Stormpath service for all authentication and user management needs. In addition to managing users and access control, Stormpath offloads many user security features, including group and role management, password reset workflows, and password strength enforcement. 

A sample application demonstrating how to use PHP in your application is in development and coming soon. 

Let us know what you think of the PHP SDK: [email protected]