Stormpath landed at PyCon last week with a shiny new Python SDK and five team members looking for Pythonista feedback. After our action-packed February, expectations for the conference were high—and the Python community did not disappoint! Thousands of attendees gathered in Santa Clara to learn and collaborate in an atmosphere that had our team excited to be a part of the buzz.

Not coincidentally, this was a pretty fantastic time to launch our official support for Python. And judging by the number of requests we’ve been receiving from Pythonistas lately, we were just in time. The feedback ranged from how Stormpath makes group management and LDAP integration easier to lots of requests for a Django extension. Feel free to add feature requests to our list. 

The new SDK allows any application written in Python to easily interact with the Stormpath REST API and offload user management, authentication, and workflows like password reset.

Stormpath Quick Start Guide for Python
Python SDK on
Stormpath SDK on PyPi

Initial feedback from the conference has already been incredibly helpful—which is why we want more. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the SDK—bugs and feature requests included. We’ll send you an Arduino and some Stormpath swag as thanks! Get in touch: [email protected]

Thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth, and a special shout out to the many people who registered with Stormpath over the last few days.

We’ll see you next year with more features!