We’ve talked up our support for Ruby and our involvement in its community a lot lately, but Pythonistas need take no offense; we’re just as amped to improve our Python support, too. That’s why we’re super excited to announce that we’ve shipped a new and improved Python SDK and sample apps today.

The improved Python toolkit makes it even easier to integrate Stormpath into your application, whether it’s built on Django, Flask, or anything in between. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Caching
    The Python SDK now implements caching to reduce the number of calls the SDK makes out to the Stormpath service, reducing network latency overhead wherever possible.
  • Simplified Resource CRUD and Search
    Resource create, retrieve, update, and delete calls have all been appropriated to Python. Plus, accounts and groups can now be searched off of the Application resource without having to first retrieve an AccountList or GroupList.
  • Streamlined Directory Creation
    When creating an application resource (or registering your application with Stormpath via the SDK), you can now create a directory automatically, simply by adding a flag to the create call for a new application resource (e.g., create_directory = True) rather than manually instantiating a directory resource.
  • Digest Auth
    Security is paramount to Stormpath’s service, and the Python SDK now uses digest authentication to secure and validate all API calls made via the SDK.
  • Improved performance and fine-tuning
    A number of other smaller fixes, like proper link expansion, have been made behind the scenes to improve the way the SDK functions.

The latest code is up on both Github and PyPi, so you can either download the source or install the library via “pip install stormpath-sdk –pre” if you’re already set up with pip.

But that’s not all we have to announce on the Python front today.

We can’t think of a better way to celebrate our commitment to Python than to announce our sponsorship of PyCon 2014. We’ll be on-site in beautiful Montréal, Quebec, Canada with swag, support, and smiles, and we’re super excited to parlay with our Python padres.

Check out the new SDK and sample apps, hit us up with feedback via email at [email protected] or via twitter @goStormpath, and we’ll see you in Montréal next spring!