We’re excited to announce a new addition to the Stormpath family: an SDK for Ruby Developers!

Stormpath Ruby SDK

Complementing SDKs for Java and Apache Shiro, the Stormpath Ruby SDK makes it incredibly easy for Ruby and Rails developers to easily use the Stormpath service. In addition to user authentication, the SDKs make a wide range of user security tools available to developers, so you can easily automate password workflows and user interactions, manage groups and roles, and handle account provisioning and de-provisioning to an application.

With the Ruby, Java, and Apache Shiro SDKs, developers can be assured that their user management is backed by military security with just a few minutes of code. Woot! 

“User security is an increasingly critical issue. In the last few months, large companies like LinkedIn, Yahoo and eHarmony have had major breaches that could have been avoided by using Stormpath. We want to make robust user security available to every developer,” said Alex Salazar, CEO of Stormpath.

Stormpath offloads user security to a cloud service. Developers can manage user access control settings via an API or in a web-based console with ease. Rather than requiring developers to create and maintain a home-grown security infrastructure, Stormpath enforces and updates user security automatically, with digest-based authentication, top-level encryption and a host of other security features. You can access the service for free, with upgrades starting at just $49/month.

“Developers know its expensive and time consuming to build this infrastructure themselves,” said CTO Les Hazlewood. “They use Stormpath because they want security best practices right out of the box, without months of development and the ongoing burden of maintenance. They come to us because they want to do it right. ”

The Stormpath SDKs provide developers with the simplest way to build user security into any application. They provide a clean, object-oriented paradigm, giving developers easy, robust security infrastructure even if they aren’t experts in REST+JSON APIs. When an application makes SDK method calls in Ruby or Java, they are automatically translated into securely authenticated HTTPS requests to the Stormpath API.

Developers interested in military grade user security, authentication, and access control can download the SDKs and sign up for a free Stormpath Account.

Also… props to Elder, who is not only the newest StormTrooper, but is also an SDK-writing machine.