Today we announced $8.2M in Series A financing.  It’s a big achievement for our team and a huge commitment to our vision and customers.  Most importantly, it’s fuel: fuel to recruit the best people, fuel to build a revolutionary security product, and fuel to empower thousands of developers with the Stormpath API.

What Is Stormpath?

Stormpath is the first easy and secure user management and authentication service for developers.  Our API handles authentication, password storage, user management, access control, and common security workflows like password reset.

In a nutshell, it’s all the user security an application needs, but developers really don’t want to build. 

The Storm Is Rising

We believe Stormpath is a revolutionary and disruptive product, but more importantly, we believe the rising tide of developer services is changing software development. Today, for the first time ever, an SMB operating in the cloud has access to more advanced technology than a Fortune 100 competitor stuck in a data center. The SMB can deploy comparable technology five times faster, for a third of the cost.  

As a result, developers today are building applications in a radically different way. Before, every application was built from scratch. Cloud services provide developers the building blocks they need to deploy advanced application infrastructure—instantly.  Now, they can focus on the core customer features that really drive their business.

With a simple API integration to Stormpath, developers can reduce development and operations costs, while increasing security with seamless user management. Our ambition isn’t just to revolutionize user security; our ambition is to empower developers to build ambitious and disruptive applications. And we are not alone.

The Long Game

This capital allows us to play the long game—to plan for a roadmap that extends over years, rather than months. We can invest in big features that take time, but drive tremendous value for our customers.

In the near-term, keep an eye out for:

  • Richer API and SDKs in more languages
  • Better documentation and more sample apps
  • More automated security workflows
  • Improved performance and a new web UI
  • Even tighter security and industry compliance

As always, if there are features you’d like from us, please let us know: [email protected]

Thank You

To our beta customers, thank you.  Thank you for trying out Stormpath.  Thank you for your honest feedback.  Thank you to our reference customers for sharing why you need our product.  Thank you for helping us become a better company and build a great product.

Venture funding is not a metric of success. It’s a commitment to our customers and employees. We’re committing to delivering a great product, to building a company where people want to work, and to fostering a community of empowered developers.  We’re committing to a revolution.

As we grow, run into hiccups, and hit some home runs—please keep the feedback coming so we can maintain a clear and relentless focus. Rather than congratulate us on this milestone, please wish us luck.

Thank you,

Alex Salazar & Les Hazlewood