Stormpath Hosted Login Screen

When we first started Stormpath, most people rejected our product vision:

“I would never outsource my user data and functionality – the most important part of my application – to a third-party service.”

In 2011, the objections to a Customer Identity API were many, and they were valid. Cloud adoption was nascent. API services were primarily used to replace non-core functionality. Everyone was skittish about the rise in large-scale user data breaches. Developer service companies had spotty records when it came to revenue. A slew of investors turned down our seed round, and developers were generally skeptical.

At the time, there were no other funded Identity API companies focused on developers. But we believed, very deeply – that cloud-based services built by third-party experts would become the default for core application plumbing like Identity. We also believed that developers would embrace how we can make their lives easier and their applications and user data more secure.

“The goal of Stormpath is to free up developers’ time so they can focus on what really matters to their product and business. Managing users in the cloud is complicated and risky; we can put years of security expertise and best practice in their applications in less time than it takes to make coffee.”

– Les Hazlewood, Stormpath CoFounder and CTO, Public Beta announcement

In just a few years, developers have broadly embraced third-party cloud services. Rather than perceived as dangerous, the microservices approach to building web and mobile applications has become default.

That sea change in the way web application teams approach cloud services, has not only driven our rapid growth, it has also formed the basis of an entire customer identity market.

Today, Stormpath is used – and loved – by thousands of developers.

We’ve gone from a basic authentication API, to a powerful identity platform that can handle not only high scale authentication and registration events and workflows, but also complex
, deep user security, multi-tenancy for SaaS applications, OAuth connections, token authentication, API keys, social login, and single sign-on across your applications from a centralized user store. The Stormpath Identity API allows businesses to launch their web applications and services faster, and with better user security.

We are proud to have customers who range from Fortune 100 Security companies to major media publishers to high-growth tech startups using Stormpath in production.

With the announcement today that we have closed $15M in Series B Funding, led by Andy Vitus from Scale Venture Partners with continued support from our prior investors NEA and Pelion Venture Partners, we now embark on a new stage in Stormpath history.

We’re 30-strong (come join us!), and it’s time to build out our team with more passionate people. We have a strong core identity product, and it’s time for us to build more advanced features like SAML and deeper authorization. It’s time for easier-to-use docs and SDKs. It’s time for deeper client side support for mobile, single sign-on across customer services, and foolproof token authentication to connect users, applications and devices securely. We will continuously enhance our service to make it more useful and easier to use, for more companies and developer communities.

To our early and current users, who helped shape our vision for the first customer identity API, thank you. To our teammates, who have passionately argued how to best serve our developer community, thank you. To our families and investors, who supported our vision and challenge us to shoot higher, thank you.

To everyone who swears to never outsource identity to a third-party SaaS, I hope you will try the API. We would love the opportunity to change your mind. And if we can’t change your mind, then we’d love your feedback on how to make a better product.