When building an iOS app, figuring out how to handle mobile authentication is always a huge challenge. It’s often the last thing you and your team want to think about, so unfortunately, teams often ship apps with weak user and authentication security in the name of speed. In a world where security and privacy matter more every day and consumers are increasingly concerned about their own data security and privacy, authentication has become an area where your app cannot afford a misstep. So, what to do?

In this presentation, Stormpath iOS Evangelist Edward Jiang gives an overview of the current mobile authentication ecosystem, including:

  • Stormpath Customer Identity Management
  • What does authentication mean?
  • Common methods of mobile authentication
  • OAuth 2.0 token authentication
  • Building login and registration with Stormpath
  • Making authenticated network requests
  • Add Facebook or Google login with one line of code
  • You can find the slides for this presentation on Slideshare.

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