edward jiang

Hi! I’m Edward, and it’s with great pleasure that I’d like to announce that I’m joining the Stormpath team as a Developer Evangelist for iOS!

I’ve always been excited by technology and its potential to change the world. I spent my summers reading about the exponential growth of computing power, how it opened up entirely new markets for computing, and the entrepreneurs that made it happen. At that time, companies like Microsoft and Dell enabled ordinary individuals to access the power of computing, revolutionizing how we access information and communicate with each other.

When growing up, I’d run outside to check the mailbox, and return home with a handful of AOL CDs. To my young self those CDs represented the wonder of technology. While books and VHS tapes were big, bulky, and expensive to store and distribute, mailing CDs seemed like a much better distribution model.

As technology improved, downloads eliminated the CD, web apps eliminated the install process, and mobile apps enabled rich, personal experiences for everyone.

Why Mobile Is Important

While surprising to many, mobile traffic already exceeds desktop traffic on the internet, and will continue to grow as users find the convenience and richer experiences better than a web interface in a desktop environment. Uber spawned hundreds of similar “on-demand” startups after pioneering its ride hailing service, and permanently increased the speed and transparency consumers expect from service companies. Venmo allowed individuals to send money in a way that was faster and safer than cash, and ultimately was acquired by PayPal to jumpstart its business in the mobile sphere. Mobile is a huge opportunity for many businesses to redefine themselves, and the ones that truly understand mobile will be the ones that continue to grow.

Even with these increased opportunities, mobile is a challenging platform to develop for, because it’s limiting in many ways. Smaller screen sizes limit the amount of information apps can present to users, while users will only give an app several minutes of their time before deleting it from their phone. Nobody sits down with a user manual and 30 minutes to learn how to use an app.

App developers need to invest in great onboarding experiences, because if a user deletes their app, every dollar spent on building and marketing the app is wasted. Account creation and logins need to be carefully crafted so they don’t interrupt the user flow.

What I’ll Be Doing

Stormpath does a great job at helping backend developers build authentication and authorization in their APIs and websites, but we’ve traditionally let backend developers work directly with mobile developers to develop the login flow. I’m the first person on the Stormpath team dedicated to thinking about how we can make our product better for mobile, and I’ll be working with our team to make sure that we help our customers build great mobile experiences.

I’ll start out by working with our customers and release an iOS SDK for our existing integrations, and continue improving it by making it as easy as possible for developers to add authentication to their apps, with pre-built ViewControllers, TouchID support, and more. The Stormpath iOS SDK will be the easiest way to plug in secure and scalable authentication into your apps.

After that, I’ll continue to advocate for and find ways to make the core Stormpath product more friendly for companies that want to build mobile-first.

In addition, you’ll start to see me at meetups, conferences, as well as on the Stormpath blog talking about how you can leverage mobile more effectively! If you’re in the Bay Area, I’m also always happy to meet up and talk about mobile trends and the future =]

I’m excited to be part of the Stormpath team, and can’t wait to help create awesome mobile experiences everywhere! Want to chat? Just send an email: [email protected], or on Twitter @EdwardStarcraft.