Do you have a website that’s built on WordPress? Do you also have an application that you have built outside of WordPress? Would it be awesome if your users could use the same account information for both? Now, they totally can! The official Stormpath WordPress plugin has been released!

Currently, the Stormpath WordPress plugin is only for username/password login, but we plan to expand this to the full suite of authentication and authorization features Stormpath offers. Throughout the next quarter, we will be releasing new versions of this plugin as new features become available.

Authentication in WordPress

Let’s say you’re an agency that manages multiple WordPress websites. Once you set up a Stormpath account and install the plugin on all of your client’s websites, you can have a single login across all of them that is physically the same user in the Stormpath system. This will make managing your sites a lot simpler.

There are many other use cases for the Stormpath WordPress plugin as well, including social login, two-factor authentication, SAML, and even AD/LDAP support. These features are coming soon but will be a powerful addition to any WordPress website.

WordPress Social Login

Our next plugin feature will be social login in WordPress because we know this is a hot ticket for many people. With Stormpath, you’ll be able to set up social login in WordPress with a few simple dashboard configurations. When that’s done, social login from Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, will be available on your login screen.
Stormpath Social Authentication In WordPress
Along with Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn, we will also support SAML authentication. This will allow your users to log into WordPress using providers such as OneLogin and Salesforce. Keep an eye out for an announcement on all of this soon!

Multi-Factor for WordPress

As an extra step in securing your account at WordPress, we will be introducing two-factor authentication. This will allow your WordPress users the extra security of an additional authentication factor via SMS, Google Authenticator, or the TOTP protocol of your choice.

Stormpath Multi-Factor Authentication In WordPress

WordPress And Stormpath?

We have a lot of plans for the Stormpath WordPress plugin to help you build a secure authentication system for your WordPress website. To learn more about this new release, or keep up with updates you can follow me on Twitter @bretterer or email our team at [email protected]