Zendcon 2016Zendcon is a yearly conference organized by the team over at Zend, the maintainers of PHP. Each year, many PHP developers gather in Las Vegas to geek out and talk PHP. This year, I will be attending for the first time, and I couldn’t be more excited! Stormpath will also be there to sponsor the event and announce a couple new things we have been working on for the PHP ecosystem.

The lineup this year is great, and there’s still time to register! I can not wait to see some of the amazing talks. The only sad part is that I won’t be able to see all of them. The following few are on my “absolutely must attend” list!

Robust 2nd-Factor Authentication With PHP – Tim Lytle

MFA has always been something that I evangelize for. The added security of using a 2nd-factor on my accounts has saved me a few times from people who were trying to get into my account. My love for MFA started a few years ago when my Gmail account was hacked.

Like so many others, my online life is centered around the Google ecosystem, so having this account put at risk was, well, concerning! I actually didn’t notice the hack for a few hours, basically until I realized I hadn’t received any emails for a while and discovered this message:

GMail Hacked

I was able to get all my accounts back under my control and I immediately added a 2nd-factor to my account. I’ve not had any issues since then! If, like me, you’re concerned about the security of the accounts you maintain on your PHP applications, you should join me and check out this talk on the benefits and downsides of MFA.

From Docker To Production – Chris Tankersley

What is this Docker thing? Personally, and I have no issue saying this, I’ve got no clue. OK, I know what Docker is from a high level, but don’t know how to use it. Anytime I have the chance to take learn something new from key players in the field, you better believe that I won’t turn it down. When I hear about Docker in PHP, the first person that comes to mind is Chris. I’m excited to see what Chris can teach me about Docker and maybe even make tutorials that I write for Stormpath easier (and cooler!) by using a Docker image.

Hacking Your Way To Better Security – Colin O’Dell

At Stormpath, the number one thing we keep in our minds is security. This not only goes for the core API of Stormpath but also all the SDK’s and integrations. There are many things that I can learn from Colin about web security and I plan to be at his talk, front and center, getting everything I can from him. I may already know some of what he’s going to be discussing, but it doesn’t hurt to hear it again and refresh my memory. With our integrations for Laravel and Lumen, things like XSS and CSRF are always on the front of our minds.

See you at Zendcon 2016!

I do wish that I could attend every talk, as I know each and every one of them will be great! I hope to see you at these talks with me. If you can’t attend the talks, please make sure to stop by the Stormpath booth to say hi! I love visiting with people and talking about our product. We’ll also have our famous “I find your lack of security disturbing” shirts this year.

I Find Your Lack of Security Disturbing

// Brian