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Man, Machine And How They Relate To APIs

“Software is abstracting the infrastructure and the APIs are consuming the data that the software serves.”

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FAQ: Making API strategy, development and management decisions

“Today’s enterprise architecture has to encompass messaging systems, transactional or nontransactional systems, and real time-processing engines, said Les Hazlewood, chief technology officer at user management API vendor Stormpath.”

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13 Hot Security Startups to Watch

“Stormpath is a cloud service that helps developers build secure authentication and access control into any application, via a robust REST+JSON API or client libraries.”

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Developer Services That Will Jumpstart Your Project

“User management (login, groups, privileges) is something that can put the brakes on a project in a hurry. Stormpath is a user management API made for developers that has already solved many of these problems.”

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Stormpath Does Your App’s User Management for You

“Stormpath is a great idea and its API is well-designed and well-documented. building and testing all of that infrastructure will take you away from what you’d probably prefer to be putting your effort into, that is, the actual core functionality of the software you’re trying to build.”

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Digging into quality: API best practices, problems and advice

“A common mistake is publishing an API and then deciding it needs changes – changes that might impact customers, according Les Hazlewood, CTO of Stormpath.”

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A Little Rebellion is a Good Thing: The Rise of Shadow IT

“Good or bad, the “enterprise” is no longer the customer for many B2B technology companies. For infrastructure technology like compute and storage to SMS messaging to application monitoring, the developer has become the primary customer.”

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Outsource User Management and Authentication with Stormpath

“Security is hard. Most applications these days require user management, authentication, and authorization right from the beginning. Not only is this time consuming, even a minor mistake can be disastrous.”

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Developers catch on to Cassandra’s database dexterity

“We’re looking for scalability,” says software engineer Elder Crisostomo of user management service vendor Stormpath. “We’re also looking for speed and something that’s easily expandable.”

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Google password tips not strong enough

Google should be “talking about why it’s important to not put your own customers at risk.”

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Is two-factor authentication the death of the password?

“Paypal and lots of “financial institutions” are already making similar services available. Alex Salazar, the CEO of the digital security-company Stormpath, says despite these efforts, the password isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.”

dark Reading Logo Suffers Breach, Changes Customer Passwords

“Following the ‘letter of the law’ in a password breach underserves your userbase. Legislation around data privacy is spotty. By going beyond the required transparency and contacting everyone, the company not only protected themselves, but started on the path of rebuilding trust with their users.”

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Syrian Electronic Army Strikes Again, Hacks Guardian Twitter Accounts

“The recent Twitter account attacks remind us that passwords are on public trial. Both companies and regular people need to change how they do things. People need to start using complex passwords or a full sentence or phrase, which both keeps the password memorable and also complex enough to guard against attackers.”

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Failed authentication frequently thwarts online shoppers

“The password is still king,” Hazlewood told CSO. “Until some other multi-factor authentication, like a debit card, can be used for online interaction, almost every single technology that’s been invented has not been as widely adopted by the average consumer as the password.”

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Stormpath Identity API: Solves Big Security Problem With Sleek Answer, Gets Fat Check

“Question: How did a company that is essentially an API raise $8.2 million?
Answer: by smartly targeting a fat market (identity access management in the cloud) that has great need.”

Reusable Cloud Tools Gap Fuels App Security Quest

Salazar called Hazelwood to get his technical validation of the problem. “He started laughing, because he was working on the same thing,” Salazar said.”I said, ‘Great, let’s talk some customers. Let’s start a company!’”

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Are We Now Living in a Post-Crypto World?

“In a post-cryptography world, you’re going to have to do other things in addition to cryptography to protect your data,” Hazlewood said. “It’s not that cryptography isn’t important any more. It’s just not the whole thing any more.”

Stormpath gives companies an easier way to authenticate users, with $8.2M

“API services are booming across all infrastructure markets, from data management to messaging to monitoring and logging. There is a critical need in security.”

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Stormpath Uses New Funding to Enhance API

“Its API presents a disruptive technology that empowers developers at the SMB level through technology not available to enterprises utilizing legacy tools and software. Now out of beta, Stormpath will focus its new resources towards API development.”

Addressing security concerns in the cloud

“API services are booming across all infrastructure markets, from data management to messaging to monitoring and logging. There is a critical need in security.”


How Lack of Immigration Reform Harms Startups, US Economy

‘The current immigration policy is effectively a tax on my business,’ said Salazar of Stormpath, which helps businesses create online user authentification platforms for websites.”

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20+ Best Free security tools

“Stormpath provides developers with Identity and Access Management tools to bolster security in any application. There is a free developer’s version, as well as these paid versions: pro, premium and enterprise.”

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12 Hot Cloud Computing Companies Worth Watching

“Stormpath is trying to make more palatable one of the peskiest parts about building an application: managing user access controls and all of the various accounts, passwords and authentication”

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Today in APIs: StormPath, Mashery and 16 New APIs

“The StormPath API is expanding its developer tools and sharing six months worth of API best practices knowledge.”

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Stormpath wants to add plug-and-play security to your cloud

“Using Stormpath allows [developers] to provide a secure and efficient way of adding those abilities to an existing service without having to deploy a lot of extra development resources.

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Stormpath wins GigaOm Structure Launchpad Award

“Running a business that stores data in the cloud is becoming popular, but many of the security aspects of a large user base are things that companies still want to do on their own. Stormpath, which won the “people’s choice” award during the Launchpad competition at GigaOM’s Structure conference, was founded to solve that problem.”

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IT Should Prepare for Cloud Startup Downpour

“Stormpath, a developers’ tool, helps companies manage user access, authentication, and identity across mobile and enterprise apps in the cloud and behind a firewall.”

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Stormpath Raises $1.5M, Launches Private Beta

“Stormpath Inc. said it has raised $1.5 million in seed funding. The San Mateo-based company offers identity access control services for cloud and enterprise applications. Its technology help to manage security in the cloud and behind firewalls.”

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From DevOps to NoOps: 10 Cloud Services You Should Be Using

“…at the forefront of application security as a service, supporting user account management, authentication and access control over your applications. Since every application requires user security, this services reduces the infrastructure burden, making it possible to avoid rolling the same code over and over.”

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