User Identity Made Simple

Stormpath gives development teams a complete customer Identity layer via API. Spend more time on your core product, and less time customizing authentication and authorization.

Authentication As A Service

A complete pre-built authentication service with user registration and authentication, login screens, welcome emails and password workflows.

Complete, Flexible Authorization

From groups, roles, and fine-grained permissions to multi-tenant partitioning and customer organizations, Stormpath is the leader in user authorization.

User Profile Data Storage

Why build and maintain a database just for user data? Stormpath stores user profile information securely. Our secure user storage supports your compliance requirements.

Custom Data

From accounts to groups, every object in Stormpath gets its own data store. With up to 10MB per account, you get flexibility and a lot of room to grow.

Easy Single Sign-On

Use SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) to authenticate users with any enterprise single sign-on identity provider (IdP). Or allow users to seamlessly access and move between your Stormpath-backed applications — without reauthenticating or requiring SAML.

Token Authentication With OAuth & JWT

Go beyond passwords. Stormpath handles token-based authentication and API authentication for you with JSON Web Tokens and OAuth2. Generate, manage, check, and revoke OAuth tokens and API Keys, without custom OAuth code.

Simple Social Login

Users can easily log into your app with their Facebook or Google identities, in addition to their username and password. Stormpath connects to Google and Facebook with just one API call.

Multi-Tenant Management For SaaS

If your app serves multiple customer organizations, each organization can reside in a private data partition. Stormpath natively supports multi-tenant architecture and makes customer data management easy.

Multi-Factor Authentication

A second factor of authentication improves your data security and gives customers peace of mind. Stormpath supports multi-factor authentication with popular, easy integration.

Active Directory LDAP

Connecting new web and mobile apps to Active Directory or LDAP servers is difficult, time-consuming and sometimes impossible. Stormpath’s sync agent makes it easy and secure.

Enterprise Solutions

Stormpath enterprise support gives you a private implementation of our Identity platform
to dramatically reduce your application’s time to market, while increasing your user data security and system stability.
Let us help you simplify your customer Identity challenges.

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