Stormpath User Management API

At Stormpath, we have a simple goal: give developers a complete user management system, so you can focus on building great applications.

  • Pre-built authentication & authorization
  • Schemaless, secure user data & profiles
  • Code-free Active Directory, Facebook & Google login
  • Open Source SDKs & complete sample apps

Stormpath Features

User Authentication

Powerful user management starts with highly-available user registration, login and auth workflows like password reset - build login in minutes. »


Manage groups and permissions easily - role based access control is built in, and fine-grained permissions can be customized down to the account level. »

User Profiles

From simple credentials to rich user profiles, you can store all your user and group data in Stormpath. »

Hosted Login

Use Stormpath to host a custom domain for common identity management functions like user login, registration, and password reset. »

Social Login

Let users log in to your app with Facebook, Google, GitHub or LinkedIn - in addition to their credentials for your app. »

Active Directory & LDAP

Stormpath also securely syncs on-premise Active Directory or LDAP servers to the cloud, so you can authenticate users without compromising the firewall. »

API Authentication

Generate and manage API Keys and OAuth tokens, lookup and secure accounts - all without custom OAuth code. »

Password Security

Stormpath comes with advanced, up-to-date password security, so you never have to worry about password hashing algorithms, salts, or cryptography. »

Full User Management API - No Credit Card Required

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