Stormpath User Management API

At Stormpath, we have a simple goal: give developers a complete user management system, so you can focus on building great applications.

  • Pre-built authentication & authorization
  • Schemaless, secure user data & profiles
  • Code-free Active Directory, Facebook & Google login
  • Open Source SDKs & complete sample apps

Stormpath Features

User Authentication

Powerful user management starts with highly-available user registration, login and auth workflows like password reset - build login in minutes.


Manage groups and permissions easily - role based access control is built in, and fine-grained permissions can be customized down to the account level.

User Profiles

From simple credentials to rich user profiles, you can store all your user and group data in Stormpath.

Hosted Login

Use Stormpath to host a custom domain for common identity management functions like user login, registration, and password reset.

Social Login

Let users log in to your app with Facebook, Google, GitHub or LinkedIn - in addition to their credentials for your app.

Active Directory & LDAP

Stormpath also securely syncs on-premise Active Directory or LDAP servers to the cloud, so you can authenticate users without compromising the firewall.

API Authentication

Generate and manage API Keys and OAuth tokens, lookup and secure accounts - all without custom OAuth code.

Password Security

Stormpath comes with advanced, up-to-date password security, so you never have to worry about password hashing algorithms, salts, or cryptography.

Full User Management API - No Credit Card Required

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