Stormpath User Management API

At Stormpath, we have a simple goal: give developers a complete user management system, so you can focus on building great applications. Stormpath’s user management service lets you deploy user registration and login in a few minutes. You can quickly build secure, highly-available user authentication and authorization, for simple user management or complex multi-tenant SaaS applications – with little custom code.

Get full API access with a free Stormpath account, so you can start developing right away. Just drop in one of our open-source SDKs for Java, Node, Python, Ruby or PHP - or connect directly to our user management API. You can even easily connect new apps to existing directories like Active Directory and LDAP with our sync agent.

Stormpath Features

Elegant, Stable API

The Stormpath API was written by security experts and designed for scale and ease of use with any programming language. »

Registration and Login

Powerful user management starts with highly-available user registration, login and workflows like password reset you can deploy in minutes. »

User Profiles

From simple credentials to rich user profiles, you can store all your user and group data in Stormpath. »

Groups and Roles

Get your RBAC here! Set up and manage role based access control quickly, using either the API or console. »


Stormpath’s flexible user model allows you to grant special permissions to individual users or specific groups and roles. »

Password Security

Stormpath comes with advanced, up-to-date password security, so you never have to worry about password hashing algorithms, salts, or cryptography. »

Active Directory & LDAP

Stormpath also securely syncs on-premise Active Directory or LDAP servers to the cloud, so you can authenticate users without compromising the firewall. »


Support by technical humans, for technical humans. Email, chat or phone, we’re happy to help. »

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