API for Active Directory & LDAP

Many organizations use legacy Active Directory (AD) or LDAP servers for identity, but connecting new applications to them can be difficult, time-consuming and sometimes impossible. Stormpath makes it easy and secure.

Active Directory & LDAP for Cloud Applications

Stormpath’s sync agent sits on the same network as your AD/LDAP server and syncs your user accounts to the Stormpath cloud. From there, you can connect one or many new applications to the user store without interacting with security firewalls or modifying the account data. It’s secure and simple.

Installing our agent takes minutes: Simply configure and download from the Stormpath Admin Console and install to sync.

Reduce the IT Burden of User Management

Our Active Directory/LDAP integration only makes an outbound connection — no special firewall ports need to be opened. You configure the connection and it can be turned off at any time.

There’s no additional network maintenance created for IT. In fact, because new applications call the Stormpath API instead of your own servers, using the Stormpath AD/LDAP agent can significantly reduce your network traffic.

Manage Users in Your Programming Language

It’s hard to find developers who specialize in (or enjoy) the LDAP protocol. Stormpath offers a REST+JSON API, as well as SDKs and sample apps in most programming languages and frameworks. All the user logic is built in, so your team doesn’t need to build an identity layer from scratch for each new application.


Lightweight Deployment

Stormpath supports communication with any Directory server running on the LDAP v3 protocol, including:

  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Open LDAP
  • Apache DS
  • Solaris LDAP
  • Novell eDirectory
  • RedHat DS