Secure Your API - The Easy Way!

If you are building an API, implementing authentication securely can be difficult and time consuming. Good news, Stormpath now handles all aspects of API client authentication and securely manages access to your API. Generate and manage API Keys and OAuth tokens, lookup and secure accounts - all without custom OAuth code. Now, there’s nothing for you to build, maintain, or secure.

API Authentication with Stormpath:

  • Instantly provision new developer accounts with API keys and secrets
  • Authenticate API requests with HTTP Basic Auth, OAuth1.0 or OAuth2.0
  • Create, refresh and revoke developer keys and tokens with a simple call
  • Assign your developers OAuth1.0 tokens to interact with your API service
  • Seamless support for OAuth 2.0 client_credentials grant type
  • Full CRUD for your API Keys and OAuth Tokens
  • Manage API access policies with Stormpath built-in groups and customData

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In this developer guide, we’ll show you how to set up Stormpath to manage and authenticate API Keys and Tokens for developers using your API services.

Stormpath not only provides user management for your API Keys, but also allows you to associate permissions and custom data with the accounts for advanced use-cases.


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