Multi-Tenant User Management for SaaS

Giving your customer organizations a private partition of your SaaS application can be incredibly complicated. Fortunately, Stormpath’s user model is designed for SaaS developers and supports multi-tenant architecture out-of-the-box. Secure Customer Partitions? Done.

Built-In Partitioning for Customer Organizations

Stormpath is a great choice for any application, but our built-in data partitioning for SaaS applications makes it easy to segment users by organization or tenant. You don’t have to worry about cleanly partitioning or securing user data, and you can move on to building your app’s real features.

Custom Groups for Each Partition

Each partition in Stormpath comes with full authorizations, which can be customized for the needs of your service and business. You can model the organizational structure of each customer, or model specific permissions based on the access rights of the organization. Stormpath is designed to give you flexibility.

SaaS User Management Guide

Stormpath’s data model supports multiple approaches for multi-tenant user partitioning. Check out our Guide to User Management in SaaS Applications to learn about SaaS user architectures, and how to use Stormpath in a SaaS application.

SaaS User Management Guide