User Profile Data

Why build, secure, and maintain a database just for user data? Stormpath stores user profiles easily and securely, and with up to 10MB of custom user data per account, your user model has a lot of room to grow.

Manage User Profiles Easily

User data models differ widely by application, and they evolve over time. Stormpath user profiles are totally flexible, so you have full control over your user profiles and what information you store.

As your product evolves and user population changes, you can quickly update your user model without having to wrestle with user tables.

User Data for HIPAA & Safe Harbor Compliance

If you need to support data separation for HIPAA or European Safe Harbor compliance, Stormpath is designed to meet your needs.

We can segregate your Personally Identifiable information (PII) from your application data, and provide Enterprise customers with a Business Associate Agreement (BAA).

High-Performance Profile Data Storage

Stormpath runs on highly-available, fault-tolerant, and very secure user data infrastructure, so you can get user data quickly. Avoid database and server maintenance, and focus on the game-changing parts of your product.


Our deep encryption, network and system security, and partitioning protect your most valuable assets – your users – from
a data breach. Stormpath will never sell or lock in your data.
It’s always, only yours.