Stormpath Resources


Compliance: SOC, HIPAA & EU-US Privacy Shield

Stormpath has been audited for SOC2 and HIPAA compliance, and can sign HIPAA Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) for covered entities. Additionally, Stormpath complies with the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework. We have extensive experience with customers in highly-regulated environments. Learn More

Security & Availability

It’s important that login works every time and that your user data is secure. That’s why security and availability are our top priorities. Learn More

Password Security

Stormpath’s approach to authentication and user management gives your application world-class user data security. By offloading user infrastructure to Stormpath, your application defaults to cryptographic best practices with minimal coding and maintenance. Learn More

Technical Datasheet

Learn how the Stormpath REST+JSON API works to secure your user data and add user management features to your app. This detailed 4-pager covers everything from our cryptographic hashes to how our API works. Learn More